now i lay me down to dream

(of nothing i or you or any somebody can begin to begin to imagine)

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Obviously, my favorite part of this was the faberry interaction, but my other favorite part was Quinn and Maribel.

And now that Judy and Frannie know, Rachel should be easy, right? LOL

After all, if this:

Calm down, Quinn. I was going to say unless you stop—"

"Stop what?"

Rachel shrugs. "Letting me hold you when you sleep."

isn't Rachel giving Quinn a big, bright green light (and basically saying, "Get on with it already," I don't know what it is. :)

Plus, the "You love me"/"I do" exchange was pretty telling too.

Anyway, Great job again. Those dreams of Quinn are pretty amazing.


Judes is awesome. I wish all parents in the world could be like your Judy and Maribel, and then also like Burt (because best dad! hello!).

This line, too: She wishes she could freeze the seconds, stop them from evaporating or fading like waves against sand, washing up and shaping the shore until the tide rolls out and all that's left are remnants: slimy seaweed and rough driftwood, sea glass sparkling and worn from years of endless tumbling, a dusting of salt like snow.

So beautiful.

Your ability to convey so much emotional developement concisly and with such precision is only surpassed by the organic feel of your writing. It's a true pleasure to read and I thank you for sharing it so freely.


I've been busy at Pride for the past few days, so I'm just catching up on the latest chapters. You are brilliant, and each new update or story from you makes my crush on your brain bigger. The Boxes series, in particular, is amazing.

I am waiting eagerly for more. :)

i wish i could articulate the ~feels this fic gives me. it basically makes me incredibly happy to ship the beautiful Faberry, since all the other shippers are such amazing artists, you being at the top of that list

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